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Colorful Squeaky Tennis Balls for Dogs: 12 Pack Fun

Colorful Squeaky Tennis Balls for Dogs: 12 Pack Fun

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šŸŽ‰ Get ready to unleash the excitement with our Colorful Squeaky Tennis Balls! Your furry friend will be delighted by the vibrant colors and playful squeaking sounds, making playtime more engaging and enjoyable.


  • Perfect Dog Balls for Exercise and Training: Our Hyper Pets tennis balls are a fantastic choice for dogs at all stages of life. Whether you're teaching new tricks or engaging in a game of fetch, these balls are designed to keep your canine companion active and entertained.
  • Interactive Dog Toys in Bright Colors: With multiple bright and fun colors like orange, pink, and green, these tennis balls are easy to spot in various environments such as bushes, water, leaves, and grass. You'll never have to worry about losing them during playtime.
  • Works with Ball Launchers: Our dog balls are compatible with most automatic ball launchers, including popular brands like iFetch, All for Paws, IDOGMATE, Pet Prime, and PetSafe. Enhance the fun and take your fetch game to the next level!
  • Balls for Puppies, Medium Dogs, and Large Dogs: Our versatile tennis balls cater to dogs of all sizes. From tiny puppies to medium-sized canines and even large breeds, these balls are suitable for a wide range of furry pals.


  • 2.6 Inch Diameter for Small/Medium Breeds: Designed with the comfort of small and medium-sized dogs in mind, these tennis balls are easy for them to carry and play with. They're also compatible with all Small Chuckit Launchers, adding extra convenience to your play sessions.
  • Tough & Durable: Safer than regular tennis balls, our dog balls feature a natural rubber shell covered with non-abrasive felt. This construction is gentle on your dog's mouth, protecting their teeth and gums. The non-toxic latex rubber ensures the safety of your beloved pet.
  • Squeaker Ball Toy: Our ball toy entices play with exciting sounds and bounces. When your dog bites the ball, it emits an attention-grabbing squeaking sound, keeping your furry friend engaged and entertained for hours.
  • Pet Toys for Playground or Water: These tennis balls are not just for land-based play; they also serve as excellent water toys. Made with lightweight rubber material, they float on water, making them perfect for poolside or beach fetch sessions.
  • Enhance the Human-Animal Bond: Our vibrant pet toys are designed to enrich the bond between you and your beloved dogs and cats. The bright colors help keep your furry companions engaged, and our commitment to good quality and prompt customer service sets us apart from the rest.


  • Item Dimension: 2.6 Inch Diameter
  • Material: Rubber Inside, Polyester Outside
  • Package: 12-Pack with Reusable Mesh Bag
  • Usage: Play, Training, Exercise, Communication
  • Features: Squeaky, Floating, Bite Resistant
  • Expected Lifespan: Typically 2-3 months
  • Non-Toxic: Yes
  • Certification: Children's Product Certificate

Choose our Colorful Squeaky Tennis Balls for Dogs: 12 Pack Fun today and elevate playtime with your four-legged friends. Experience the joy, safety, and durability that our balls bring to your pet's life. Add them to your cart now and get ready for endless hours of bonding and fun!

šŸ›”ļø Safe Material: All our tennis balls are designed with safety in mind. The balls are recessed in rubber and covered with tennis ball fabric to ensure your pet's well-being. The good elasticity and biting properties of

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