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Indoor Cat Toy Set: Feather Balls and Silica Gel (6PCS)

Indoor Cat Toy Set: Feather Balls and Silica Gel (6PCS)

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Introducing the Indoor Cat Toy Set: Feather Balls and Silica Gel (6PCS) - the ultimate playtime experience for your feline friend. Get ready for interactive fun and excitement with this amazing toy set. Here's why you and your cat will love it:

šŸ¾ A MAGICAL BOUNCY BALL + FEATHER COMBINATION: Toss the ball against any hard surface and watch it bounce, captivating your cat's attention. The feather attachment adds an extra element of thrill as your cat chases it down. Say goodbye to lost toys rolling under furniture!

šŸ¾ THE CAT TOY FOR INDOOR FUN: Keep your cat engaged, active, and entertained with our toy balls. Specifically designed to tap into your cat's hunting instincts, these balls mimic the movement of real prey, providing endless entertainment and exercise.

šŸ¾ SILICA GEL BALL: Made from environmentally-friendly, non-toxic, high-quality silicone, the silica gel ball offers outstanding elasticity. It's a safe and durable choice for long-lasting play sessions with your cat.

šŸ¾ NATURAL CHICKEN FEATHERS: The feathers used in our toy set are natural chicken feathers without any dyeing ingredients. Rest assured that they are safe and non-toxic, ensuring no harm if accidentally consumed by your curious feline.


Each pack contains 3 toy balls, giving you a total of 6 balls to keep the fun going. The assortment includes sky blue, orange, and purple balls, providing variety and excitement for your cat.

[SIZE (OF 1 BALL)]: Diameter 2.5 cm, Height 10 cm, Weight 12 g

Experience the joy of playtime with your cat. Order the Indoor Cat Toy Set: Feather Balls and Silica Gel (6PCS) now and enjoy hours of interactive fun together!

Remember, a happy and entertained cat is a healthy cat. Don't miss out on this amazing toy set that will keep your feline friend engaged and satisfied.

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