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Indoor Cat Toy Set: Teaser Wand, Refills, and Catnip Sticks

Indoor Cat Toy Set: Teaser Wand, Refills, and Catnip Sticks

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Introducing the Indoor Cat Toy Set: Teaser Wand, Refills, and Catnip Sticks! Give your feline friend the ultimate playtime experience with this versatile and engaging cat toy set. Here's why you and your cat will love it:

šŸ¾ EXCELLENT VALUE: This set includes 5 cat chewing sticks and 3 different feather toys on natural wooden sticks. With a variety of toys to choose from, your cat will never get bored. Keep the fun going for extended periods of time and watch your cat fall in love with playtime.

šŸ¾ IDEAL TOY FOR CATS: These interactive cat toys are perfect for exercise and mental stimulation. Tease and entice your cat to play with the various fibers and feathers, providing endless chasing, tumbling, and biting fun. Interact with your furry friend and strengthen your bond.

šŸ¾ HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS: Our cat feather toy set is made of premium materials. The sturdy and durable rod ensures long-lasting use, while the pure natural feathers provide an enticing play experience. The feathers dangle from an elastic cord attached to the pole, ensuring safety for your cat.

šŸ¾ CATS AND CHILDREN FRIENDLY: The 16-inch wooden stick and 24-inch rubber band protect your fingers from sharp claws. Say goodbye to accidental scratches and enjoy worry-free playtime with your cat.

šŸ¾ 5PCS NATURAL & UNPROCESSED CAT STICKS: These silvervine sticks are suitable for cats and kittens of all ages. They provide repeated use and act as a great distraction, reducing boredom and enhancing your cat's mood. Keep your cat entertained and happy.

What a great way to keep your cat healthy and active! This cat teaser set includes a cute pendant and a bell on a portable stick, offering fantastic exercise and playtime interaction with your kitty. Enjoy hours of fun together and ensure your cat stays healthy and active.

The set includes 3 wand cat toys, providing endless fun for cats of all ages. Interact and bond with your cat through super fun play sessions. It's a wonderful way to engage and have fun with your furry companion.

The 5 catnip sticks in this set promote dental hygiene and teeth cleaning by removing plaque. Improve your cat's oral health and prevent oral diseases. These sticks are a great addition to your cat's oral care routine.


  • Wood rod length: approx. 16 inches / 40cm
  • Elastic cotton wire length: approx. 24 inches / 60cm
  • Material: natural wooden stick, cotton, feather, metal bell
  • Easy to grip, safe, and convenient

Package includes:

  • 3 x cat toy wands
  • 5 x catnip sticks

Provide endless entertainment and exercise for your beloved cat. Order the Indoor Cat Toy Set now and let the playtime fun begin!

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