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Kitchen Sink Protectors - Stainless Steel, 22 13/16" X 14

Kitchen Sink Protectors - Stainless Steel, 22 13/16" X 14

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Introducing our Kitchen Sink Protectors - Stainless Steel, the perfect addition to your kitchen sink. Here's why you need these high-quality sink protectors:

šŸ”’ Protect and Preserve: Constructed of solid stainless steel, our sink protectors are designed to resist corrosion, ensuring long-lasting durability and protection for your sink.

šŸ“ Perfect Size: Our kitchen sink protector measures 22 13/16" X 14", providing an ideal fit for most standard kitchen sinks. Say goodbye to scratches and dents on your sink bottom.

šŸ’Ŗ Added Functionality: With its sleek design, our sink grid not only protects the bottom of your sink but also adds functionality to your kitchen workspace. It's a practical and stylish addition to any kitchen.

āš”ļø Versatile Use: Our sink bottom grid can be used for various purposes. It serves as a convenient drying rack for dishes and cups, a thawing platform for food, or even a cooling rack for freshly baked goods.

šŸ” How to Choose the Right Sink Grid:

  • Measure Properly: Measure the inner size of your sink, approximately 2 inches above the sink bottom, to ensure a perfect fit.
  • Allow for Space: Reserve about 2-3 inches for length and width, considering the protective bumpers and rubber feet.
  • Consider Drain Hole Location: Choose the correct type of sink grid based on whether your sink has a center drain or rear drain hole.
  • Determine Corner Radius: Decide if you need a sink grid with a round angle or straight angle based on your sink's corner radius.

Discover the Perfect Fit:

  • Size: 28 7/16" X 15 1/2" / 26 1/8" X 14 1/16" / 24 15/16" X 13 1/8"
  • Color: Gold or Black (depending on your preference)

šŸ›’ Take action now and enhance the functionality and protection of your kitchen sink with our Kitchen Sink Protectors - Stainless Steel. Choose the perfect size and color to complement your kitchen decor. Say goodbye to sink scratches and hello to a sleek and functional sink space. Order yours today!

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